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The CAU Foundation supports the institutional advancement and the educational and community service programs of CAU Miami by providing vision, ideas, leadership, and resources through organized fund raising activities and funds management of charitable gifts.


The Florida Department of Labor projects that 8 out of 10 newly created jobs in the state will require some sort of post-secondary education. The future for all Americans is in higher education. Nothing promotes the public good more than education.

In the United States today, thirty percent of the national population is comprised of minorities. Hispanics currently account for 14% of the population and are the largest minority group in the US. Yet, 43% of Hispanics over the age of 25 do not possess a high school diploma. This number compares with 26% of African Americans and 15% of White-non-Hispanics. For second generation Hispanics, the number of high school graduates rises to 70 percent. According to a study of US Census Bureau data by the Pew Hispanic Center in Washington, DC, second generation Hispanics are about as likely as their mainstream counterparts to attend college. However, the college completion rate for White-non-Hispanics (37%) is over twice that of second generation Hispanics (16%).
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Researchers note that this inability to complete college is directly correlated to social and economic reasons. Hispanics are more likely to be part-time students. A significantly larger number of Hispanics attend two-year community colleges rather than four-year colleges and universities. These adverse scholastic figures translate to less pay, less employment possibilities, and a reduced lifetime earning potential for Hispanics. The unemployment rate for Hispanics is over twice that for White-non-Hispanics. By the year 2050, fifty percent of the US population will be of minority status, and one in four citizens will be of Hispanic heritage.

CAU is making strong strides to improve the ability of minorities to pay for college through the creation of scholarship opportunities. Social scientists have long concluded that culture is a major factor in the upward mobility of a person in society. CAU makes cultural sensitivity a special priority. CAU believes that being educated in facts and procedures is not enough; rather embracing cultural diversity will be a key competency of the 21st century. CAU teaches its students that the basic principle of upward mobility is tied to cultural dexterity. It is in the best interest of the Florida community that we reach out to educate everyone.

CAU’s board members, staff and alumni, and South Florida’s concerned businesses, private foundations, organizations and generous individuals are supporting the CAU foundation with their donations and support. South Florida funding of the CAU Scholarship Program will remain in South Florida and serve only students attending the Miami Campus.


For many of South Florida’s best and brightest, the most daunting barrier to higher education is financial limitation. To them, the hope of climbing higher on the ladder of success appears to be blocked by their inability to meet basic tuition requirements. In consequence, we have established a scholarship campaign to assist deserving, needy students.


A majority of CAU’s students require financial assistance at varying levels and the current downturn in our economy has only made circumstances more difficult. For example, in the 2002-2003 school year, approximately 91% of all undergraduates and 85% of all graduate students received some form of financial aid.

To meet these needs, the Board of Directors of the CAU Foundation is reaching out to businesses, private foundations and individuals who share our concern for providing opportunity to deserving, underserved students. Our scholarship campaign has two distinct components:

Full and partial Financial Aid packages

The Foundation’s first component is a direct scholarship program which must raise at least $1 million during the 2003-2004 academic year. These funds will provide full and partial financial aid packages for undergraduate and graduate students, all of whom have demonstrated the necessary academic qualifications and real financial need.

The CAU Title V program is the second component of the scholarship campaign. It consists of an endowed scholarship fund that combines gifts from private donors with additional support from the US Department of Education. Now entering its fourth year, our Title V program is targeted to build a $1 million endowment at the end of five years. While we remain on track toward our ultimate goal, we must continue to raise private funds for the endowed scholarship.


The CAU Student Scholarship Campaign offers a variety of recognition opportunities for supporters who can make substantial annual gifts. Our most generous benefactors are associated with specific single-year or multi-year scholarship funds that bear their names.
In further recognition of their altruism, we invite our most significant benefactors and campaign volunteers to a variety of VIP receptions and special events. Additionally, their names and/or those of their businesses are prominently featured in CAU’s annual report, newsletters, and event guides.
We offer these recognition opportunities as expressions of our appreciation, but one of the most important benefits of all is the difference that our scholarship benefactors make in the lives of our students.
If you share our vision of providing higher education to those who are truly deserving, then we invite you to participate in the CAU Scholarship Campaign. With your support, we can fulfill the aspirations of hundreds of promising South Florida residents in the coming year alone. Together, we can help them achieve their hopes for a better quality of life and teach them to serve others in need throughout our diverse community.